Caribou Coffee Workers Join In National Campaign For Better COVID-19 Protections


Caribou Coffee’s long-time slogan is “Life is short. Stay awake for it.”

When around 100 people showed up outside of Caribou Coffee’s Roseville location at the end of April, one protestor’s sign had a different take: “Life is short. Stay alive for it.”

The rally in Roseville was the second protest outside a Caribou location in the same month, with workers demanding a $3/hour hazard pay increase, safer working conditions and paid sick leave during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company did briefly pay workers “hazard pay” in April,  increasing their pay 10 percent on top of base-pay. But while working in public didn’t get any safer, hazard pay ended after just one month. On top of that, workers also say that the company bungled implementation of it’s COVID-19 safety plan.

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