Coffee Holding Co. Perks Up – A Double Could Be Looming


Coffee Holding Co.’s (NASDAQ:JVAearnings were out of this world. Expected revenues of $19 million and earnings of 4 cents were blown out of the water, as the company came in at $20 million on the top line and 9 cents on the bottom line. This improvement was attributable to a 31% increase in gross profit margin, from 17.10% to 22.40% (the result of the company’s sales mix increase on branded and private label roasted coffee versus green wholesale operations). The realization that JVA saw its revenues decline 3% during the quarter, yet earn $498,518 versus a loss of $238,468 is a testament to the viability of company’s turnaround program. That’s a net positive swing of $737,000, and it is the first time that all four JVA subsidiaries (Organic Products Trading; Sonofresco; Comfort Foods; and Generations Coffee Company) each contributed profit to the parent company.

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