Military couple build a coffee brand from Monterey in honor of veterans and first responders

Coalition Coffee Co. was founded by Steven and Taylor Miller from their home on the Monterey Peninsula. The couple is both serving in the National Guard for the state of California, but they are now stationed in Alabama. Taylor is a military helicopter pilot, and Steven is a law enforcement officer on the peninsula when he is not on duty.

When they’re working at three a.m. day in and day out, they claim coffee is their “lifeblood.” With the majority of Steven’s family members working as first responders, from nurses to firemen, a large part of their purpose is to help those warriors who are saving lives on their own battlefields.

“I grew up being surrounded by first responders and knowing the hardships that they face on a daily basis,” Miller said. “Being able to sort of develop this company, a lot of things we do is, you know, we do contributions and charity drives and everything like that, and we provide coffee to local organisations to help them because I know we go through coffee like nobody’s business at our department.”

Miller takes pleasure in providing his clients with the finest roasted coffee possible. He has a roaster in Chicago, Illinois that ships to his East Coast customers directly, and another in Temecula, California that ships to his West Coast customers.

“With coffee, it’s all about freshness, and our coffee, as soon as you open the package, you can smell it because it’s so fresh,” Miller explained. “One thing I was really pushing for us is that it’s roasted the same day you purchase it and sent out the same day.”

Miller says he’d want to create a physical location on the peninsula, but they’re waiting for the coronavirus ban to be lifted and the economy to improve.

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