Kōkako Is The Next-Level Kiwi Fairtrade Roast You Need To Know About

Nothing beats the sensation of sipping a cup of coffee when you’re in dire need of one. It might not occur to you as you sip your daily fuel that coffee contributes to environmental damage in a variety of unpleasant ways. Deforestation, pollution, pesticides—to say nothing of the ethical difficulties surrounding coffee growers’ exploitation.

We understand that coffee is one of life’s simple pleasures, if not a necessity. But, before you go through the agony of detoxing, Auckland-based coffee roasters Kkako are here to help with their Fairtrade organic speciality coffee. We adore a robust Kiwi business (let’s just say goodbye to Starbucks), but we adore a sustainable one even more.

Kkako should be your coffee of choice if it isn’t already, with extensive sustainability reports, third-party verifications from Fairtrade and BioGro, and a dedication to climate neutral coffee. We spoke with Mike Murphy, Managing Director, to find out everything you didn’t know you needed to know about your coffee fix.

Fairtrade’s “third party accreditation” implies that we, as a licensee, and our consumers can trust that the programme is verifying and enforcing basic requirements to guarantee that the coffee cooperatives we buy from satisfy environmental and ethical criteria. It’s not only us who are pleading with you to believe us! Farmers must enhance soil and water quality, control pests, avoid using toxic pesticides, manage waste, decrease glasshouse gas emissions, and maintain biodiversity in order to sell Fairtrade products. We are delighted to be a part of a system that provides democratic rights to small-holder coffee producers through membership in a Fairtrade cooperative. Many farmers who are not part of a cooperative have less rights and less bargaining power when it comes to selling their coffee. Here’s where you can discover more about Fairtrade’s environmental standards.

We strive to think about people, the environment, and profit in the same way. With people we need to ensure that the way we do business respects the people in the supply chain, so Fairtrade helps to ensure this. With the planet it’s about environmental awareness – supporting organic farming that is regenerative which in turn supports healthy soil – and healthy soil equals healthy food, which equals healthy people. Profitability is important, as we have to be financially sustainable to be able to pay our staff, give them opportunities, and choose to work with quality suppliers. This and our commitment to carbon offsetting of every kilo of coffee through the Fairclimate fund.

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