How a popcorn popper can help you roast coffee beans at home

Many a coffee aficionado has walked into a café or a neighbourhood coffee shop, seen those little brown beans tumble and toast, and thought to themselves, “I could do that.” And, because many stores offer raw, green coffee beans straight off the shelf, temptation is simple to succumb to.

Home roasting is an art that any caffeinated individual willing to give it a go can master with the correct gear, the appropriate application of heat, and finely-tuned senses. But don’t dismiss the science and skills involved in roasting your own beans, or you risk indulging in a bitter brew. When you put it all together, there’s nothing quite like enjoying a morning cup that you genuinely created yourself.

Coffee roasting, like bread baking, beer brewing, and other culinary hobbies, may be a pleasant way to demystify a widely misunderstood trade, according to Peter Giuliano, executive director of the Coffee Science Foundation and chief research officer of the Specialty Coffee Association.

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