Love, coffee and family bring Tunki Roastery to life

The essential factors that enabled a Woodville couple to start their own roastery were love, coffee, and family.

Tunki Roastery roasts small quantities of specialty-grade coffee beans imported from Peru, the highest quality grade under worldwide industry standards, and just began selling them at Woodville’s Untamed possum fur and leather boutique.

Nicole and Aron Sinarahua founded Tunki with the hopes of supporting their small family while also allowing them to spend more time together.

Nicole Sinarahua stated, “We both love coffee…and this is something we could do together without having millions of money to start.”

The pair has a 2-year-old daughter and an 11-month-old boy and has been married for five years. Sinarahua works full-time in Marton as a teacher, while her husband looks after the children throughout the day.

A daily travel across much of the North Island, from Tararua to Rangitkei, meaning the family doesn’t get to see each other as often as they would like throughout the week.

“We’re hoping to establish a name for Tunki, expand our online business, and get our coffee on the shelves of additional stores so we can support our family,” Sinarahua added.

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