When to stop drinking coffee so it won’t keep you up at night

Over half of all individuals in the United States consume coffee on a regular basis, but a cup of Joe too close to night may prevent you from getting enough shut-eye.

A group of Scottish academics investigated how late in the day you may drink coffee without having to worry about the caffeine keeping you up at night.

The solution is to cease drinking caffeine six hours before going to bed. It might then cause havoc with your internal clock.

In a press release, main author Reneta Riha noted, “Caffeine is taken everyday by about 80% of the world’s population, frequently for its advantages in increasing alertness and attention.” “It can have a long-lasting effect.”

The sleep-wake cycle, also known as the circadian rhythm, controls bodily processes in comparison to a 24-hour cycle, according to the study. This rhythm is in tune with the Earth’s light and dark cycles, which is why changing time zones or working schedules may throw individuals off.

Are you prepared to take the road? Florida is one of the greatest places for road vacations in the summer. According to the study, consuming four to five cups of coffee per day is typically safe as long as you stop drinking it early enough. Keep in mind that this is dependent on how fast or slowly people metabolise caffeine.

“Those who find that drinking coffee later in the day disturbs their sleep habits may choose to switch to low-caffeine beverages or decaffeinated coffee in the afternoon and evening,” Riha said.

A recent study revealed that ingesting 300 mg of caffeine per day — around three cups of coffee — can assist improve cognition during the first three days of inadequate sleep, while researchers warn that it will likely have a detrimental influence on sleep quality and length afterwards.

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