5 of Our Favorite North Shore Coffee Roasters

Coffee beans are really the seeds of a bright red berry, which is a wonderful thing to know. The outer husks of those little fruits, known as coffee cherries, are washed away, revealing small, pale greenish beans. Roasting transforms these seeds into coffee beans, releasing the smells and tastes that humans desire.

Atomic Coffee Roasters in Salem provided the beans.
Spencer Mahoney, vice president of operations at Atomic Coffee Roasters in Salem, says, “I always adore bringing someone inside our roastery who has never seen how coffee is roasted.” “A roaster is a lovely equipment that straddles the boundary between manufacture and craftsmanship.”

Atomic, the OG of North Shore coffee manufacturing with 15 years of expertise, was a bit of a novelty when they started roasting in their first Beverly café back in the early aughts. Many local aficionados are already putting their own mark on the greenish seeds, and Atomic is expanding, with plans to construct a larger roasting plant in Peabody with ten times the capacity of the first machine.

Why is there such a keen interest in the area? “I believe there are some parallels to the craft beer movement,” adds Mahoney. “We’ve all started to seek out locally created, high-quality food and beverages, and coffee is possibly the only beverage drank in greater quantities than beer! It’s only logical that locally roasted, small-batch coffee is becoming more popular, and as a result, more roasters are entering the market.”

Do you want to select your own ideal cup? Northshore enlisted the help of a few local joe specialists to explain what makes them unique.

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