Coffee Lovers Sip! Google Pays Tribute To Godfather Of Espresso Machines

Google is honouring the 171st birthday of inventor Angelo Moriondo, revered as the father of espresso machines, with a creative doodle in New Delhi. In 1884, Moriondo is credited with having patented the first-known espresso machine.
Olivia When created the Google doodle, which features a GIF of the first-known espresso machine and coffee-colored paint.

Angelo Moriondo was born on June 6, 1851 in Turin, Italy, and belonged to a family of entrepreneurs “who never stopped generating new ideas or projects,” according to a Google note about the extraordinary inventor. The company that was founded by Moriondo’s grandfather and managed by his father was established by his grandfather. Along with his brother and cousin, Moriondo founded the popular chocolate company Moriondo and Gariglio.

During the time of the innovator, coffee was at its peak of popularity in Italy. Inconveniently, however, coffee lovers had to wait a considerable amount of time for their brew.

“Once upon a time, during the nineteenth century in Italy, coffee was the most popular beverage. Unfortunately, the brewing process required customers to wait more than five minutes for their beverages. Angelo Moriondo, the inventor of the first-known espresso machine, appears “Google’s note said.

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