Hikers Brew Brings Green Vibes to Your Camp Coffee

There are numerous methods for brewing coffee while camping, ranging from French presses to single-use pouches. However, the majority of options on the market are either cumbersome and cumbersome or wasteful. On a backpacking trip, single-use packets of instant coffee may reduce weight and inconvenience, but they do nothing for the environment. In fact, the traditional coffee pouch encapsulates the paradox of appreciating nature while simultaneously contributing to its demise.

If you are environmentally conscious and enjoy a hot cup of coffee outdoors, you may want to check out Hikers Brew: a brand based on compostable, multi-use coffee pouches that promote sustainability in the great outdoors.

The brand, which was established in 2016, offers whole bean and ground coffee bags, as well as multi-use pouches in a variety of flavours, including Hazelnut, S’mores, Vanilla, and Caramel. The pouches are not instant coffee, but rather convenient packages of high-quality ground beans that can be brewed using a variety of methods. The pouches are ideal for campers and backpackers who wish to reduce their load and maximise their utility.

Each 36-gram pouch produces four six-ounce cups of organic, fair trade medium-grind coffee that can be brewed using pour-over, French press, aero press, or percolator, among other methods. The pouches themselves are composed of a compostable Kraft material and an ASTM D6400-certified inner film. When you’re finished with your pouch, you can add it to your home compost pile or, if your local trash service offers composting options, to your compost pile.

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