Seattle Space Needle sues local coffee chain over logo

The Seattle Space Needle has filed a lawsuit against a local coffee chain for using its trademarked logo in the branding and merchandise of coffee shops.

The Seattle Times reported that the logo for Local Coffee Spot, which has four locations in the Seattle area, features a mug of hot coffee whose rising steam resembles the iconic tower’s own logo used on branded merchandise.

The owner of the Space Needle, a private company, claims that the coffee shop’s logo violates a registered trademark and has filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court. Karen Olson, director of operations and marketing for the Space Needle, characterised the legal action as unusual.

Olson stated, “We’ve never had to reach this point before.” “I am shocked that we are here.”

Beau McKeon, co-owner of Local Coffee Spot, cannot believe that a lawsuit has been filed against the business he started to employ people during the pandemic.

“We feel extremely victimised as the underdogs,” McKeon stated. This goes well beyond bullying.

Since trademarks are only valid if they are enforced, the Space Needle’s marketing department is constantly on the lookout for misappropriation of the structure’s name, image, and likeness.

“We are not requesting monetary compensation. Simply cease using our licenced trademark, said Olson. And we will assist them in this endeavour.

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