Dr Karl explains why you should never ditch coffee for a ‘health kick’ – and the exact amount you should drink daily

Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki has explained that a daily coffee habit provides benefits far beyond an energy boost.

The Australian scientist uploaded a TikTok video in which he explains why you should never give up your morning coffee for a “health kick.”

Dr. Karl explains in the video above why you should never give up coffee.

Should you eliminate your morning coffee if you’re on a health kick? No,” Dr Karl said.

According to him, drinking three to four cups of coffee per day has a variety of health benefits, including increasing longevity and decreasing the risk of cancer, heart disease, and liver disease.

“Observational studies have found that coffee improves life expectancy and the prognosis for those with type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease,” Dr. Karl explained.

“It will also help if you have prostate cancer, oral cancer, or skin cancer.

He stated that caffeine consumption should always be moderate.

“Do not consume more than three to four cups of coffee per day,” Dr. Karl advised, adding that exceeding the recommendation can be detrimental to your health.

He added, “The positive effects occur with regular caffeinated coffee and, to a lesser extent, decaffeinated coffee.”

The benefits of decaf coffee are comparable to those of regular coffee.

If coffee causes anxiety or sleeplessness, according to Dr. Karl, it is best to give it up.

In this case, he advised avoiding coffee.

His video has been viewed over 360,000 times, with many admitting their relief at not having to give up their daily coffee fix.

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