Grind – sustainable coffee brand – looking for local community gardens to apply for its grant scheme

Grind, a leading sustainable coffee brand, has partnered with the UK charity Social Farms and Gardens to offer three local community gardens grants of up to £1,300 to support composting.

The Grind Garden Grant Scheme is a celebration of Grind’s most recent innovation – the first certified home compostable coffee pod in the United Kingdom.

Proven to decompose in a home compost in just 180 days – a fraction of the 500 years plastic and aluminium coffee pods can take – Grind seeks to educate people about composting in an effort to reduce the 29,000 coffee pods that end up in landfills every minute.

In collaboration with Social Farms & Gardens, Grind is providing three community gardens with a small grant to support community and home composting.

Each winning community garden will also receive a day of consulting from the experts at Composting in the Community Network, with a special appearance by ITV’s gardening expert, Daisy Payne (@gardentogarnish).

David Abrahamovitch, CEO and founder of Grind, stated, “We have switched all of our coffee pods to our new Home Compostable version because we believe it is the right thing to do.”

“However, according to our research, 35% of Britons do not feel comfortable with home composting, and 28% find it too complicated. We want to eliminate confusion and demonstrate how simple it is, with the hope that people will enjoy a cup of eco-friendly coffee in the process!”

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