I tried iced black coffee at 3 fast-food chains, and there’s only one I’d buy again

My standard order is iced black coffee, and purchasing it from fast-food chains would make my morning fix quick and inexpensive.

I decided to purchase a small coffee from Wendy’s, Burger King, and McDonald’s in order to determine which was the best.

The menu describes Wendy’s iced coffee as “extra rich and super-smooth,” but I did not find it to be smooth at all. In fact, I found it difficult to finish due to its extreme bitterness.

I drink black coffee on a regular basis, so I’m accustomed to it not being sweet, but this was undrinkable. However, if you enjoy bitter coffee, this may be for you.

The small iced coffee was the most expensive of the beverages I sampled, costing $2.39; however, Wendy’s version of a small was larger than those of the other two chains, so the value was comparable.

I found Burger King’s iced coffee to be relatively flavorless. I found Burger King’s iced black coffee to be relatively flavorless.

I found it difficult to drink Wendy’s iced coffee due to its strong flavor, whereas Burger King’s was so watery that I could not taste much.

Because of this, it was easy to drink, but it lacked the depth and intensity I expect from iced black coffee.

The previous time I tried the chain’s hot black coffee, I thought it tasted burnt, so this experience was at least an improvement.

Positively, Burger King’s small coffee was only $1.19.

McDonald’s black iced coffee was my favorite, and it was easy to drink. McDonald’s coffee could have been mistaken for a coffee-shop offering.

McDonald’s iced coffee was full and rich, with a pleasant sweetness that made it enjoyable to drink.

This most closely resembled a quality iced coffee from a coffee chain, but at a fast-food price.

The small was priced in the middle, at $2.19, which seemed reasonable for a good cup of coffee.

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