100 Robots Running Starbucks: A Glimpse Into The Future Of Coffee Shops

Starbucks has opened a 28-floor NAVER 1784 tower in Seongnam, South Korea, which features approximately 100 service robots that fulfill customer orders. The robots, which are 110 cm tall and use miniature elevators, operate on the AI, Robot, Cloud (ARC) platform and a private 5G network, enabling intelligent coordination among multiple robots. The robots are managed remotely by a data center equipped with 3D maps of the building and exchange location and action commands with servers via 5G signals. They travel at speeds of one meter per second and are equipped with cameras and sensors to prevent collisions. NAVER, a company at the forefront of technological innovation, invested 500 billion won ($380 million) to construct the 1784 building. The building serves as a testing ground for the company’s advancements in robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), and cloud services. The numerical designation “1784” represents the site’s lot number and the year marking the first industrial revolution, highlighting the company’s commitment to innovation. The building also features Ambidex, a dual-armed robot with advanced force transfer mechanisms for safe interactions with Starbucks customers, and Roboport, a specialized robot elevator. The cutting-edge environment, with a capacity for 7,000 people, highlights the potential of automated customer service and intelligent delivery systems, offering a glimpse into the future of coffee service and beyond.

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