Emmi Group to Acquire Swiss Coffee Roaster Hochstrasser

The Emmi Group is set to acquire Switzerland-based coffee roaster Hochstrasser, which supplies the restaurant, café, and hotel industry. The acquisition, subject to competition authorities’ approval, will strengthen Emmi’s coffee expertise and Emmi Caffè Latte brand. Hochstrasser, known for its traditional drum-roasting method, sources coffee beans globally and offers a range of products including teas, punch, and chocolate. The company also provides services such as coffee machine concepts, café barista training, and quality control. The acquisition is expected to enhance Emmi Group’s coffee segment and support Hochstrasser in strengthening its market position within the foodservice industry. Post-acquisition, Hochstrasser will maintain its operational independence. The Emmi Group has a 20-year partnership with Hochstrasser, which significantly contributes to the barista quality of the Emmi Caffè Latte brand. The acquisition will allow Hochstrasser to further develop its market position within the food industry with its Hochstrasser and Don George brands.

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