You’ll Pay the Most for Coffee in These States, New Report Finds

In 2004, the average cost of coffee in the US was just over $3, according to a report by GOBankingRates. However, a new report from Toast, a restaurant point of sale and management system, shows that the national average for a regular cup of coffee is now $3.08. The price of coffee varies greatly across the U.S., with restaurants in the West charging closer to $4 for a cup. Hawaii had the highest average cost of nearly $5 between January and March, while California had the second-highest average at $3.88. Nebraska had the lowest average cost of $2.12, while the interactive map below shows how much a cup of coffee will set you back in each state.

The cost of coffee also varies depending on the type of coffee. Cold brew coffee is the most expensive in Hawaii, with around $6.29, while California is close behind at just 10 cents lower. West Virginia has the cheapest average cold brew at $4.61, while Kansas offers a similar price at $4.63. Hawaii and Alaska restaurants charge the most for latte drinks, with an average latte cost of $5.09.

Kansas is on the lower end with an average latte cost of $5.09, attributed to the company’s remoteness and Alaska’s high beverage costs. Although coffee prices were down about 2.5% in May 2023, Starbucks recently introduced its own value menu to appeal to budget-conscious consumers. This includes a tall hot or iced coffee or tea with a butter croissant starting at $5, far more than what would have been paid in 2004.

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