Trader Joe’s Is Selling $7.99 Coffee Plants to Perk Up Your Living Space


Here at EatingWell, we’ve been fans of coffee for decades. How can you resist all the ample health benefits, the energy pick-me-up and the versatility of the drink? It’s been a lifesaver during—and bright spot of—2020, when we could all use some extra self-care. Not to mention, trendy concepts like whipped coffee and cold brew concentrate have made it even more fun to brew a cup.

We’ve also been diving into gardening, indoors with houseplants and outdoors with veggies, since we have more time at home to tend to our green roommates. For all these reasons and the $7.99 price tag, we were delighted to learn from @traderjolene that Trader Joe’s is rolling out a coffee plant line as part of their houseplant selection.

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