Coffee Cafe Owner Thinks New Zero-Emissions Roaster Is Cool Beans


A café in Holladay is partnering with the first nationwide manufacturer to bring already-developed zero-emissions coffee applications to locally based commercial businesses.

Eighteen years ago, Utah native Derek Belnap broke into the coffee industry as a fresh-faced barista in his 20s. When he was just starting out, being a barista was simply a “fun, cool job,” he said, but as Belnap continued, he began to fall in love with the industry.

It wasn’t until nine years into his career that Belnap developed 3 Cups Coffee, a community-centered café that places emphasis on the quality of its brew and customer service.

From the beginning, 3 Cups Coffee touted the high caliber of coffee it could make with its house blend of beans and Salt Lake City-based Blue Copper roasters, but Belnap said it was time for a change.

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