A Registered Dietitian Sets The Record Straight On Whether Iced Coffee Is *Actually* Hydrating

From: wellandgood.com

For the majority of the country, it’s sweltering hot right now; the type of hot that causes a pool of sweat to form under your boobs while you wait in-line for your to-go order. Considering that temps are likely to remain high until Labor Day, staying properly hydrated is uber important right now, right up there with wearing your mask and washing your hands.

While there’s no substitute for good ol’ H20, I keep a pretty consistent glass of iced coffee on a coaster right behind my Swell bottle—and I don’t plan on removing it anytime soon. (Except to, you know, refill the glass for more.) Here’s the thing though: I’ve often heard that coffee is dehydrating because it makes you pee so much, so now I’m worried my iced coffee drinking is completely canceling out my water drinking. A trip down the Google hole showed me that there’s some definite confusion around if coffee is hydrating or not, so I decided to find out for sure.

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