The Coffee Bunker’s Stars and Stripes 4th of July event honors veterans

Tulsa’s very own Coffee Bunker is honouring soldiers with its Stars and Stripes programme as thousands of Americans celebrate Independence Day.

One Brookside neighbourhood honoured those who have served our country and battled for our freedom on July 4th.

The Coffee Bunker is a local nonprofit that assists soldiers and their families in reintegrating into civilian life.

It was a particularly special Fourth of July for Frank Palmieri and five other Vietnam veterans. They got a special award from the Department of Defense on Sunday afternoon.

For their service in the Vietnam War, the six veterans received an official Department of Defense pin.

“It felt like we were back home legitimately because many of us who were drafted in the mid to late 1960s, like I was in 1968, didn’t have that feeling of any kind of welcome either going into the military or coming home after two or three years of service, so it was very special to me,” Palmieri said.

The Fourth of July is one of five holidays for which the programme distributes and places flags in Tulsa neighbourhoods and businesses.

A flag is put outside each person’s or business’s house or business for a $80 contribution. Approximately 530 flags were sponsored this year.

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