Carbon fibre coffee cup (or baguette) holder launched on Kickstarter

Of course, cycling and coffee are a match made in heaven… but you won’t have to juggle your Costa or Boost Coffee Co* cup in one hand and the handlebars in the other as you ride your city bike away from the café. A coffee cup holder has just launched a Kickstarter campaign. Oh, and it’s made of carbon fibre because, after all, we’re bikers, and that’s what we enjoy, right?

“This idea began as a way for friends and family to travel to and from the café without falling off their bikes because they were holding a coffee,” the project’s creators write on the Kickstarter page. With the innovative carbon fibre coffee cup holder, you may ride securely with both hands on the handlebars, allowing you to use both brakes.

It has a 70mm inner diameter for storing reusable or takeout coffee cups and is meant to be inconspicuous on your bars. The carbon structure is the result of the Melbourne-based team’s expertise in the design and manufacture of carbon fibre composite materials.

The carbon fibre used was recycled from industry projects, according to the creators, effectively repurposing offcuts that would otherwise wind up in garbage.

Carbon fibre, on the other hand, isn’t simply for minimising environmental effect; it’s also useful…“With our experience in carbon fibre composite materials, we discovered a niche that would provide a small profile with a high rigidity and strength-to-weight ratio, while also damping vibrations to reduce the strain on the cup and contents,” according to the Kickstarter website.

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