Drinking coffee reduces risk of contracting coronavirus: Study

If you enjoy coffee, scientists could have some good news for you. According to a study, consuming one cup of coffee each day can lower the risk of getting coronavirus.

According to a study done by Northwestern University researchers, persons who drink one or more cups of coffee per day had a roughly 10% lower risk of becoming infected with the fatal coronavirus than those who do not drink coffee at all.

“Coffee intake is related with inflammatory biomarkers such as CRP, interleukin-6 (IL-6), and tumour necrosis factor I (TNF-I), which are also linked to Covid-19 severity and mortality,” according to the research.

It went on to say, “In addition, coffee drinking has been linked to a decreased incidence of pneumonia in the elderly. Taken together, the possibility of coffee having an immunoprotective impact against Covid-19 seems reasonable and warrants further research.”

After analysing the records of 40,000 British people in the UK Biobank, the outcome was announced. The researchers looked at the relationship between food variables including coffee, oily salmon, processed meat, green vegetables, fresh fruit, red meat, and so on and Covid.

It was also discovered that eating less processed meat and more vegetables reduced the risk of becoming infected with COVID-19. According to researchers, eating at least 0.67 servings of vegetables (excluding potatoes) each day can assist to reduce the risk of infection.

“Nutritional variables may impact several elements of the immune system, resulting in vulnerability to COVID-19, according to our findings. Encouragement of specific nutritional behaviours (e.g., increasing vegetable consumption and lowering processed meat intake) might be a supplement to existing COVID-19 protective measures for limiting the virus’s transmission “According to the researchers.

“Adherence to specific dietary behaviours may be an additional tool to existing COVID-19 protective measures to prevent the transmission of this virus,” they said, “but these findings require independent validation.”

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