What’s new in food: New coffee delivery service launches in Asheville

Darien Bodenhorst, whose family owns wedding venues in Asheville and Marshall, decamped to Charlotte last year to stay with friends and set up a remote workplace when COVID-19 put a stop to in-person events. On his way to work in the morning, he saw a Starbucks with lengthy queues out the door. He remembers, “It hit me that, unlike our business, coffee was pandemic-proof.” “So, when I finished my work each day, I did study on coffee and how to open a coffee shop.”

During the quarantine, he devised a business strategy, ultimately determining that delivery-only was the best option. “Before COVID, I used to spend a lot of time Googling coffee places near me and then even more time going there,” he adds. “It appears to me that coffee delivery is a time saver for tourists or residents.”

Bodenhorst began Day ToDaily on July 1, delivering hot and cold coffee beverages, as well as tea drinks and Day ToDaily’s bagged whole-bean or ground coffee, created in cooperation with Methodical Coffee in Greenville, S.C. To begin, Day ToDaily will offer 100 percent bicycle-powered deliveries within a 1-mile radius of its commissary kitchen on Market Street, thanks to a collaboration with Flashcat Courier.

Bodenhorst will provide on-site coffee service for weddings and other events because weddings are in his blood. Drinks will be served from a beer tap truck that he gutted, gussied up, and re-equipped with an espresso machine.

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