Nespresso recycles a third of its coffee capsules

Currently, Nespresso recycles a third of its capsules and utilises 93 percent sustainable coffee. These are the preliminary results of The Positive Cup sustainability plan, which has cost the coffee company 540 million euros thus far.

a $500 million project
The concept includes decreasing carbon emissions and recycling capsules in addition to utilising certified sustainable coffee. Even though 90% of users have access to a recycling solution for their old capsules, Nespresso has only managed to recycle one-third of all aluminium capsules in the previous seven years. There are 1100 collecting locations in Belgium and Luxembourg, for example. Customers have the option of returning their capsules to the delivery provider as well.

Meanwhile, new capsules constructed from 80 percent recycled aluminium have been introduced. The original plan was for all new aluminium to be supplied responsibly, however this goal was not fulfilled, thus it was pushed back to 2022.

In the direction to carbon-neutral coffee
According to Nespresso, over 93% of coffee is currently grown responsibly, with over half of it being certified. To help farmers better their life, the coffee brand is giving long-term assistance to over 110,000 coffee growers, including training, retirement savings, and crop insurance, to mention a few benefits.

In comparison to 2009, Nespresso has decreased its carbon impact by 24%. Every cup in the world should be carbon neutral by next year. This is already the situation in Belgium and Luxembourg for B2B transactions. For example, coffee provided to workplaces and companies in the hospitality industry falls under this category. Nespresso works with Cargo Velo in Antwerp, Ghent, and Brussels to make deliveries more ecologically friendly.

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