5 Ethical Coffee Brands You Can Shop Online

If you’re anything like me, you can’t start your day without a cup of coffee (or several). However, as coffee drinkers and consumers, we are part of an industry with a tumultuous past, making it necessary to support ethical coffee businesses in order to truly appreciate each cup.

The origins of the coffee business may be traced back to the exploitation of Africans. This history has had long-term consequences for marginalised people, particularly because many major coffee corporations continue to exploit their growers. Furthermore, due to increased demand for coffee, some coffee growers have abandoned conventional shade-grown coffee methods in favour of clearing forest land to establish sun-grown coffee plantations.

You have the authority to ensure that every cup you pour has an impact that extends beyond the coffee buzz. Rather than buying coffee from the world’s major roasters, you can support these five ethical coffee businesses by ordering their coffee online. Each of them is dedicated to creating good social and environmental change. You may help reduce the negative effects of the business while increasing the beneficial efforts of such firms by making a deliberate choice about which brands you buy your coffee from.

Repetition Coffee is a locally owned and operated coffee company in Lawrence, Kansas, that specialises in coffee beans from Uganda, Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia. Amy Pope, the creator of Repetition, had aspirations of becoming a foreign ambassador, but her plans were derailed during a trip to Paris, when she became acquainted with the Parisian speciality coffee scene.

The company’s website emphasises its dedication to ethical coffee sourcing and production; Pope travelled to South America to meet with farmers, inspect the quality of the coffee beans, and confirm that the farmers were operating in a sustainable and socially responsible manner.

You may buy Repetition Coffee by the bag, browse the alternatives, read extensive explanations about the coffee’s origins and manufacturing, and think about the taste notes you want. After that, you may sign up for a weekly, bimonthly, or monthly coffee subscription after you’ve chosen your favourites.

Spirit Mountain Roasting Co. is a company that specialises in coffee roasting.
On a table, there are cups of coffee, coffee beans, cinnamon sticks, and a bag of Spirit Mountain Roasting Co. coffee.

Spirit Mountain Roasting Co. is a Native American-owned coffee company based in Winterhaven, California. Tudor Montague, the company’s founder, is a Quechan Tribe member. Spirit Mountain Roasting Co. donates a part of their revenues to Indigenous organisations such as Kalpulli Yaocenoxtli/Indigenous Roots in Minnesota and Native America Humane Society in California.

The firm views its supply chain to be a part of its community, and it is dedicated to conducting business in an ethical and sustainable manner. When possible, the firm chooses to buy its beans directly from Indigenous coffee producers. In addition, Spirit Mountain Roasting Co. understands its duty to the environment and packages its ethical coffee in biodegradable coffee bags manufactured from renewable materials.

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