Fitchburg woman uses coffee to power her battle with cancer

A cancer-stricken Fitchburg woman uses coffee daily to improve her mental health as she fights the disease. Rachel Becker is seven months into a seven-month battle with Breast Cancer after being diagnosed in December. Since then, she has undergone surgeries and chemotherapy, and at the end of June, she will begin radiation therapy.

“There is much to… “It’s a lot to handle,” Becker said.

Becker receives radiation treatment Monday through Friday and is approximately halfway through the treatment. And so far, she uses trips to coffee shops in the Madison area as a way to endure each hospital visit.

Becker stated, “It’s not easy to do; it’s very tiring, so having that extra motivation to get out there is extremely helpful.” “I have radiation treatments Monday through Friday, so five days a week, downtown at the university hospital. To make it more enjoyable and to have something to look forward to, I visit a different coffee shop every day.”

She concludes each journey with a review on her blog, Rachel Takes Down The Big C, in which she describes the coffee that helped her get through the day’s appointments. Becker identifies it as a crucial method for aiding her mental health during what she refers to as the isolation of battling cancer.

“Being able to get out here, visit people, and see people is a significant factor in maintaining my optimistic outlook,” said Becker.

Both the family-like atmosphere of local coffee shops and the staff at UW Health in downtown Madison, she says, keep her spirits up. She is raising funds on a gofundme page to purchase coffee for every nurse on the floor when she completes radiation therapy. A small token of appreciation to the staff, accompanied by the sweet that sustains her through daily radiation treatments.

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