People Are Using Hot Coffee to Customize Their Sneakers

Consider this: You are sitting in your preferred coffee shop. Someone walks up to you, looks you in the eye, and empties an entire medium-sized drip coffee cup onto your sneakers. You’d be upset, right? Imagine purchasing a brand-new pair of sneakers, ordering your own coffee, and then treating them the same way. Numerous sneaker customizers on Instagram initiated the trend, which is now widespread.

Jake Polino, for instance, is known as @jakepolino on Instagram (265 thousand followers) and TikTok (2.1 million followers) and as Jake Polino on YouTube (355,000 followers). Twelve videos of him dying his kicks with coffee have amassed over 200 million views across all of his channels. He primarily customizes Air Force 1s, a shoe that appears to be easier to dye than others. Its most popular colorway is all-white, making it an ideal starting point.

How to color your shoes with coffee

Here’s the abridged version:

Remove the shoelaces from the sneakers.
Carefully acetone the entire sneaker while avoiding overexposure. Also, the solution should not fall into your hands. Use gloves.
Add 30 ounces of Cafe Bustelo to your bucket or tub.
Fill the container with boiling water.
Submerge your sneakers and secure them to the bottom with bricks or rocks.
Remove them two hours later.
Relace them once they have dried in the air. (If you desire coffee-dyed laces, you must also soak the laces.
Two Shoes, with Sugar and Cream

“Are you exhausted by this? I am unquestionably sick of this “At the beginning of a video he uploaded at the end of 2021, Polino declares. “Everyone and their mother wants a pair of coffee Air Forces after I made one with coffee, which received 30 million views and went viral. I’ve performed these too frequently… There is nothing I desire to do. People are constantly requesting coffee-colored footwear. I’ve been performing coffee shoes daily for roughly a month.”

He makes it appear effortless. Early on in his videos, he demonstrated how messy the process can be, but that with the right amount of Cafe Bustelo, a standard pair of white Air Forces 1s could be transformed into a pair of light tan, vintage-inspired designer shoes. Although he sells his in limited quantities, he has not kept his recipe a secret. It is repeatedly disclosed in nearly every video.

“Initially, you must acetone everything, including the leather and the rubber. Ensure as much uniformity as possible, “In a video titled OFFICIAL COFFEE AIR FORCE 1 TUTORIAL, he explains. Do not perform this action without first removing the shoelaces. The stripping agent in nail polish remover is acetone, but nail polish remover typically contains no more than 60 percent acetone. On the other hand, acetone is composed entirely of acetone.

It is potent, pungent, and slightly hazardous. When rubbing it on your sneakers, do so with the laces removed and a window open. However, do not rub for too long. If the materials on your sneaker are overexposed, they may begin to degrade, thereby preventing your dyeing project from beginning.

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