Chickpea Cappuccino: The Frothiest Milk-Free Coffee

Israeli startup ChickP introduces chickpea protein isolates tailored for dairy-free coffee.
If you want your coffee to be more frothy and creamy, try using chickpeas.

Using milk made from chickpea ingredients, Israeli food tech startup ChickP claims to have cracked the code on a high-foaming, creamy milk substitute for dairy-free cappuccinos.

The company introduced customized protein isolates (highly concentrated and refined protein fractions) for barista-style coffee drinks last week and has developed a chickpea-based creamer that contains nine essential amino acids and is both nutritious and delicious.

According to the company, the solution is intended to assist food formulators working in the alternative dairy industry to create compelling milk analogs for creamy beverages such as coffee.

ChickP CEO Liat Lachish Levy tells NoCamels, “We have developed a recipe using our isolate ingredients for customers who wish to make non-dairy beverages.” “Today’s nondairy creamers are primarily derived from soy, and more recently rice, almond, and oat. The latter ones contain a negligible amount of protein. Since chickpeas are non-allergenic and have a complete nutritional profile, ChickP’s protein is ideally suited for consumers seeking an allergen-free and nutrient-rich option. In addition, it provides good solubility for coffee’s low pH.”

Lachish Levy explains that barista drinks can demonstrate how versatile ChickP is and how it can solve the challenges of creating better and tastier plant-based products.

Many commercially available plant proteins have bitter or off-tastes, low protein content, and grainy or chalky textures. Even with added sugar or flavor enhancers, the results lack the appearance and qualities of real, creamy milk, according to ChicP.

“Our ChickP protein meets every criterion,” says Lachish Levy. “It is loaded with nutrient-dense, complete proteins that contain all nine essential amino acids. In addition, it has a rich texture, smooth, stable full foaming, and a white color, making it ideal for showcasing the most artistic barista skills.”

ChickP Dairy-free creamer is formulated using chickpea protein isolates. Courtesy.
According to VegNews, the frothiness of chickpeas is not a recent discovery. Aquafaba, the brine left over from a can of chickpeas, has been used as a fluffy egg white substitute for years. Using its patented technology, ChickP extracts powdered protein isolates with a neutral flavor, removing bitterness and other non-nutritional factors. The neutral flavor eliminates the need for sugar or flavoring additives, allowing beverage formulators to significantly reduce the number of ingredients.

According to the manufacturer, the ingredient’s high solubility and silky texture also contribute to its excellent foaming properties. The protein content of the model plant-based barista milk is 3 percent. Existing barista products derived from vegetables typically contain less than 1 percent protein.

She explains that chickpea S930 G910 isolates are “the most refined form of protein” with a high protein concentration and advantageous color, flavor, and functional properties. This makes them “an ideal raw ingredient,” and the company is considering incorporating them into protein bars, hard cheese, yogurts, and egg substitutes.
According to Lachish Levy, the company has many new projects worldwide, including non-dairy applications such as cheese analogs and yogurts, meat/fish substitute products, egg replacer for desserts and bakeries, and many others. “We are confident that by the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023, many new products will be available to consumers worldwide,” she says.

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