This Unexpected Retailer Delivers Fresh-Roasted Coffee Beans Right To Your Doorstep


There’s nothing better than a freshly brewed cup of coffee to wake you up in the morning. Just-roasted beans give off that irresistible smell and deliver intense flavors that far surpass the taste of pre-packaged coffee beans that have been sitting on the shelf for months. But many of us don’t have time to make it to a coffee shop each day for a fresh cup of joe. That’s why Walmart created a roast-to-order coffee program that delivers it straight to your home.

The retailer partnered with Boca Java and Boulder Organic to create this experience. The companies don’t roast the beans until you place your order online, so you get the freshest possible coffee. After you place your order and the beans are roasted, Walmart delivers the package right to your door, and each bag of beans includes a “roasted on” date for complete transparency.

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