Challenge To Coffee-Causes-Cancer Label To Continue, Possibly Resolve Dozens Of Lawsuits Against Businesses


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Legal Newsline) – A California federal court has refused to throw out a lawsuit that challenges the state’s coffee-causes-cancer label.

On Aug. 27, Judge Kimberly Mueller rejected Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s motion to dismiss the claims of the California Chamber of Commerce. At issue is the placement of acrylamide on the state’s notorious Proposition 65 list.

Companies that make products with substances on the Prop 65 list are required to include warning labels that say the products may cause cancer. Acrylamide is present in coffee and the subject of dozens of state court lawsuits.

Becerra has claimed there is “strong evidence” from decades of research that acrylamide causes cancer in lab animals. CalChamber says small and large businesses must warn customers about it or face penalties of $2,500 per unit sold.

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