Reasons for Australia’s success at the Tokyo Olympics – don’t forget the coffee

Many things, including the team’s coffee cart, are said to have contributed to Australia’s victory at the Tokyo Olympics.

Australia was in fifth place on the medal tally early Saturday afternoon, with nine gold medals. Only the sports heavyweights China, the United States, and the Russian Olympic Committee, as well as their native country Japan, were ahead of them.

According to the Guardian, discussion with any of the team members revealed that the cart held a special place in their hearts.

At their coffee cart, members of the Australian Olympic team are experiencing “a lovely sense of camaraderie.”
The cart served a blend of beans from Papua New Guinea and Brazil, roasted near the Olympic Village, and barista Elliot Johnson and his colleague were allegedly creating 600 coffees every day for the Australian squad.

The combination, according to Johnson, has a lot of range. “An espresso has a lot of richness to it.” A strong flat white was the most popular order among the athletes.

“In the mornings, there are a lot of orders, and it can be a bit of a wait. However, everyone is content to have a piece of home with them. Johnson told The Guardian, “I think I probably felt more pressure back in Melbourne than I do in the Olympics.”

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