Texas woman sues Starbucks over burns from spilled coffee

A Texas lady has sued Starbucks for carelessness when her coffee spilt at a drive-thru, causing first- and second-degree burns.

According to the lawsuit filed in Harris County District Court and acquired by the Daily News, Mary Simms was paying at the Tomball drive-thru on April 14 when a Starbucks staff informed her that she had been given the wrong drink by mistake.

Simms was about to return the cup to the employee when the lid flew off, spilling scorching liquid into her lap.

According to the lawsuit, “(Simms) suffered first and second-degree burns as a result of the spill, resulting in serious bodily injuries and damages.”

Simms’ lawyers claim she was not warned about the “unreasonably unsafe condition caused by the dropping lid, hot water, and/or liquid of the coffee” and had no reason to expect it.

Starbucks is being sued for bodily pain and suffering, emotional anguish, medical expenditures, lost pay, physical damage and deformity, and loss of enjoyment of life in the past and future, according to the lawsuit.

Simms has filed a lawsuit for less than $75,000 in damages.

Starbucks spokesman Jory Mendes told The News, “We take our responsibility to provide a safe environment seriously, and our partners take great pride in ensuring our beverages are prepared with care and served to consumers securely.”

The Seattle-based firm said it is aware of Simms’ accusation and is looking into it.

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