Coffee roasters are adapting to fewer people wanting a barista-made brew

As fewer individuals visit cafés for a cup of coffee, roasters are making it easier for individuals to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee at home.

In less than two months, specialty coffee roaster Flight Coffee launched an instant coffee line, after director and founder Nick Clark discovered that fewer people were venturing out for a barista-made brew post-Covid.

In addition, he said, the rise in living expenses and inflation has led to a massive increase in coffee consumption at home.

People are increasingly purchasing home coffee machines and brewing their own coffee.

Clark had witnessed the development and innovation of alternative methods for brewing and preparing coffee at home and in cafés over the past decade.

Although he predicted that the consumption of whole bean coffee would continue to reign supreme, he noted a significant increase in the consumption of alternative high-quality coffees such as pods and instant.

Favorite coffee shops on Ponsonby Road have increased their prices, according to coffee drinkers. “There is a general trend toward the premiumization of high-quality coffee. We’re seeing it in the market for capsules and now instant.”

Clark stated that the instant costs more to produce due to the additional steps involved.

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