Podcast: Kosher coffee and chocolate maker sells for social impact

Welcome to Times Will Tell, the weekly podcast feature from The Times of Israel.

This week, we speak with Jeff Abella, CEO of Moka Origins, a kosher boutique coffee roaster and chocolate retailer based in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, at the Himalayan Institute, a yoga and meditation retreat.

Abella and his team of fifteen roast and grind coffee and cocoa beans to create artisanal chocolates and coffee for a higher purpose.

The products are part of the institute’s humanitarian efforts to help subsistence farmers in Cameroon earn more money and better support themselves and their farms. Moka Origins is also interested in assisting farms in countries such as Uganda, Costa Rica, and Mexico.

For Abella, it’s all about high-quality coffee and chocolate, but also about social entrepreneurship. In order to increase participation in their social impact project, he desires that more individuals consume artisanal chocolate and coffee.

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