Science drives Smucker’s coffee strategy

The J.M. Smucker Company is advancing the coffee industry through the application of science and technology. Utilizing analytical capabilities to create new formulations for consumers is a key focus for the $2.5 billion coffee business of the company.

During the pandemic, a shift toward coffee consumption at home has benefited brands such as Folgers and Café Bustelo. In comparison to pre-pandemic levels, more than 70% of all coffee consumption now takes place at home.

Jenn Sabo, Smucker’s director of coffee R&D, mainstream product development, and advanced coffee science, stated that the pandemic brought to light the fact that consumers’ energy needs vary throughout the day. “How do we adapt our approach to consumers’ lives now that there is no longer a morning routine? No longer is waking up the best part of the day. It is about providing consumers with the energy they need throughout the day.”

Jim Trout, vice president of coffee R&D, added that dark roast coffee and premium coffee are crucial from an innovative standpoint. Cold coffees are also gaining popularity. The partnership between Smucker and Inspire Brands’ Dunkin’ has resulted in a variety of coffees that address these needs, including Dunkin’ Espresso and Dunkin’ Cold Brew.

The Smucker’s coffee team also focuses on innovating for millennials and Generation Z. Younger consumers are increasingly vocal about their expectations for the company’s coffee brands.

Ms. Sabo stated, “Our next generation of consumers is significantly shaping the future of coffee consumption.” These are the consumers who are most aware of how coffee affects them physiologically and psychologically.

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