Solar-powered coffee bikes from Germany

Espresso, cappuccino, and flat whites require a great deal of electricity to prepare. And it can be difficult for mobile coffee shop operators to obtain power in public places.

The German battery specialist Liontron has developed a solution to this problem: a mobile coffee shop bike equipped with lithium-iron phosphate batteries that provide enough power to brew coffee throughout the day. Two 200-Watt PV modules are used to charge the batteries.

Three 24-volt, 100-amp-hour batteries are connected to a 2,000-watt Victron inverter, which converts the battery power to 230 volts. The integrated dual-boiler coffee machine and two coffee grinders, according to the manufacturer, allow for the daily preparation of 300 cups of coffee.

The two flexible, ultra-light 200 W solar panels mounted on the roof and supplied by German manufacturer GreenAkku can recharge the three batteries when the sun is shining. The energy demand of the coffee bike is approximately 300 watts per hour.

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