Have you ever had a magic? It’s the coffee order of those in the know

When it comes to ordering a magic, you either know what you’re doing or you don’t.

Magic is the coffee order you won’t find on any menu, but which indicates to the staff that you are a caffeinated insider.

When the topic is brought up in Melbourne, responses are evenly divided between indifference (old news, it’s been going on for years) and confusion (what are you talking about?). Sydney and the rest of Australia are more ignorant than ever.

The order consists of a double shot of ristretto (a stronger coffee shot than an espresso) and a three-quarter flat white.

It emerged in the 2000s, but some of Melbourne’s most affluent citizens are still unaware of it.

Ben Shewry, proprietor of one of Melbourne’s most popular restaurants, Attica, is perplexed. Shewry stated to The Sunday Age, “Have I ordered a magic? I’ve never even heard of a magic.”

He erroneously believed it was a pre-order placed with a trusted barista and inquired, “Do you have to be a regular to get this type of coffee?”

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