The 5 Best Coffee Ice Cream Brands of 2022

Typically, chocolate and vanilla are the first ice cream flavors that come to mind. But a new favorite has emerged, which is not surprising given that it is inspired by a beverage that millions of Americans consume daily: coffee.

Although coffee ice cream is not a classic, it has a satisfyingly rich flavor. Coffee is notoriously bitter, so it helps to balance out the dessert’s sweetness. The bitter, nutty flavor complements toppings such as chocolate chips, fudge, and almonds.

To determine the best coffee ice cream, we evaluated and ranked five major ice cream brands and their coffee-flavored varieties.

Here are the best coffee ice creams to try the next time you’re perusing the frozen dessert aisle.

Quick Picks

Haagen-Dazs Coffee Ice Cream (from $4.69 at Target) is the best overall product.
Tillamook Coffee Almond Fudge Ice Cream (from $4.99, Vons) offers the best value.
​Best Vegan​: Oatly Coffee Frozen Dessert (From $4.69, Target)
​Best Flavor​: Ben & Jerry’s Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz! (From $8.06, Amazon)
Best Non-Dairy: Talenti Cold Brew Coffee Sorbetto (starting at $4.99 at Target).

A registered dietitian assisted me in selecting the best coffee ice creams based on flavor, ingredients, and nutrition for this article. We considered widely available, reputable brands that have received positive customer feedback.

Finally, I personally evaluated and ranked each of these coffee-flavored ice creams.

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