Starbucks’ New Digital Traceability Tool Is A Flop


It’s “big news” this week that coffee monolith Starbucks has launched a new “digital traceability tool” for tracking where coffees it sells come from. But is it big? Is it even news?

For some years now, every respectable coffee roastery in the U.S. has made part of its core mission the telling of stories about coffees its roasters have hand-selected for its customers, either by personally visiting the farm on which the coffee was grown or cupping samples from the region and choosing the ones they feel most reflect the highest-quality cups. The end result of that process is that you, the consumer, get to learn more about the farmers, the farms, the coffee varieties, the processing methods, the specific regions, and the countries of origin — and this is very all very important in terms of understanding the complexity of the beverage in hand, perhaps even to enjoying it most fully.

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