Starbucks To Introduce Plant-Based Food And Beverages In Asia


Starbucks Corporation SBUX recently announced that it will include plant-based food and beverages to menus across Asia from September in a bid to attract more customers. The company’s new menu will comprise products from Impossible Foods, Oatly and Beyond Meat, Inc. BYND.

The company will launch new products in markets including Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Taiwan and Thailand. The new products will be based on the local tastes and preferences.

The company announced that its new products will have the Spiced Impossible Puff and Maize Impossible Sandwich in Hong Kong, and Beyond Meat Bolognese Penne in Taiwan. In Singapore, the company will launch the Impossible Wrap including an Impossible Burger patty, avocado omelette, mushroom, caramelised onion and cheese.

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