How Dubai Facilitates International Trade In Tea And Coffee


DMCC was established in 2002 to attract, enable and promote trade through Dubai. Three years later in 2005, the DMCC Tea Centre was opened to boost global tea trade through the emirate and has subsequently facilitated the trade of more than 320 million kilos of tea. The Tea Centre has achieved this by providing a comprehensive ecosystem for the tea industry, with access to a purpose-built facility, world-class services and a growing community of stakeholders. As a result of this, the Tea Centre has positioned the UAE as the world’s largest re-exporter of tea, with a 60 per cent share of the market. Roughly, 10 million tea bags can be produced at the DMCC Tea Centre in a month. Of this number, 7.5 million tea bags are destined for the local Middle Eastern market, whilst the remaining quarter are distributed to the global market.

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