A London Coffee Shop Is Charging $64 for Its Premium Brew — Here’s What It Tastes Like

From: cnn.com

Coffee connoisseurs, assemble!
If you can get to London and have a spare $65, you may be able to sample one of the finest brews in the world.
Ground and brewed “tableside” by your own personal barista, the “Ethiopian Cup of Excellence Queens Coffee” is served in a crystal wine glass and is a generous portion that might even stretch to two.
With only 15 servings on offer, this isn’t your average latte or flat white, so don’t even think about asking for milk, sugar or a sprinkling of chocolate on top.
Based in a very upscale district of Central London, the Queens of Mayfair coffee shop has already sold more than half of its available stock, which can only be drunk on the premises as part of an exclusive experience.

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