Post Falls-Based Coffee Crafters Launches FreshPod Product


A Post Falls-based company is aiming to change the single-serve coffee market through FreshPod, a product similar to a K-Cup pod that is roasted and shipped in 48 hours to ensure peak freshness.

Coffee Crafters, which sells coffee roasters and equipment, saw a need in the single-serve coffee market after noticing that many K-Cup pods lose freshness from sitting in warehouses or on store shelves, Coffee Crafters founder Ken Lathrop said.

Several of Coffee Crafters’ customers also expressed interest in purchasing K-Cup pods from the company, Lathrop said.

Lathrop purchased a Keurig machine and began developing a process for creating pods using the company’s fresh-roasted coffee. Through that process, he determined that a three- to seven-day window exists in which the coffee is at its freshest.

“We thought, ‘If we could roast the coffee and ship it within 48 hours of the roast date, it would actually arrive to customers at an absolute peak of freshness, which is something nobody’s ever done before,’ ” Lathrop said.

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