Wake Oasis Coffee Franchise Creates Modular Box Shop Concept

The Wake Zone Coffee House, Inc. founder Paul Peterson announced the formation of Caffeinated Ventures LLC, the franchisor that has launched the new Wake Oasis Coffee franchise, a novel drive-thru modular box shop concept utilising convertible shipping containers to create a very unique aesthetic that reflects modern architecture trends, sustainability, and reusability. The company has been permitted to make offers and sell Wake Oasis Coffee franchises in 28 states after completing the FDD formation procedure. This month, they began selling in North and South Carolina.

Franchisees of Wake Oasis Coffee will own and operate a beach-themed drive-thru or brick-and-mortar coffee shop oasis that specialises in coffees, teas, and associated things. Special recipes and menu items; distinctive design, décor, colour scheme, and furnishings; hardware and software programmes, as well as online apps; standards, specifications, and procedures for operations; training and assistance; and advertising and promotion programmes are all features of Wake Oasis Coffee shops.

“We’ve been working on a unique concept in the retail coffee and speciality beverage industry for months. The aesthetic effect of these container stores attracts curiosity and customers into a development or shopping centre because of their immediate identification on main thoroughfares. This unique cargotecture style, as well as our unique menu model, which emphasises on offering a ‘Cup of Joy’ to each and every customer, and our powerful marketing capabilities, will enable our franchisees compete strongly straight out of the gate,” Peterson added. “The franchise model is extremely adaptable, appealing to a wide range of people, including potential franchisees, developers, and investors, regardless of whether they want a full-time or part-time opportunity, or whether they want to be hands-on or hands-off.”

Qualified franchisees, investors, and developers will be able to sign a single unit franchise agreement with Wake Oasis Coffee. Qualified franchisees will also have the option and obligation to construct numerous stores within a Development Area. Coffee, tea, and other beverages have a sizable market in the United States. Coffee shop cafes and drive-thrus, tea shops, fast food and fast casual restaurants, convenience stores, grocers, and other outlets serving similar food and beverages will compete with Wake Oasis Coffee franchisees. National and regional chains, as well as small companies, are among them.

Dilworth Coffee, a Raleigh-based coffee roaster and speciality beverage distributor, has been chosen as a strategic partner to provide coffee, speciality beverages, and supplies to Wake Oasis Coffee franchisees across the country, as well as consulting services on product development, menu offerings, and more.

“It’s an honour to be a part of the Wake Oasis Coffee chain from the beginning as their national supplier. Customers love the personalised menus we helped build in the Wake Zone stores here in Apex, which serve as the foundation for the unique Wake Oasis system of products,” says Dilworth Coffee CEO Jeff Vojta. “We are delighted to contribute over 25 years of industry knowledge to help Wake Oasis Coffee franchisees run profitable operations while serving each and every customer a ‘Cup of Joy.’”

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