Drive-thru coffee is extra hot

What method do you use to obtain your caffeine fix these days? Have you found out how to operate that French press you bought during lockdown last year? Is it possible to go through a Zoom meeting in the afternoon without the 3 p.m. deadline? You had a favourite Frappuccino at work?

Dutch Bros, an Oregon-based firm with largely West Coast drive-thru coffee kiosks, had a successful initial public offering earlier this week. With so many people still working from home, it might seem strange for a company that relies on the morning commute to go public at this time.

Coffee habits, on the other hand, can shift. One thing I don’t miss about the “old days”? ” That feeling of being caught in the rear of a 1,000-person Starbucks line, wondering if you’re being punished for something since you haven’t had any coffee.

At least at this Dutch Bros kiosk in south Sacramento, the “before times” are still alive and well. Across from interior decorator Kasey Kiesz, I’m in one of two drive-thru lanes.

She said, “Umm, I’m going to get a Caramelizer.” What is a Caramelizer, exactly? It’s most likely a
I’m driving my Toyota Camry. Both lanes are packed with about 10 cars apiece. Kiesz said the lines are almost always this long. That doesn’t surprise Sean Dunlop, an analyst with Morningstar. These days the suburbs are humming with remote workers.

“Real estate with a drive-thru is attractive because people are going to the coffee shop on the way to a soccer game,” Dunlop said.

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