Scottish coffee roastery launches ‘UK’s first sustainable coffee capsules’

The new capsules, according to the business, are both biodegradable and compostable. The capsules are also excellent for food waste and garden compost bins, according to the company.

The capsules are said to degrade in the same amount of time as a banana skin and leave no pollution or microplastics behind.

Solinatra, according to Gordon St Coffee, uses the by-products of harvested crops to make a substance that looks and feels like plastic. Furthermore, the biomaterial is created in the United Kingdom from British crops, according to the business, minimising its environmental impact compared to standard, fossil-fuel-based plastics.

According to the firm, approximately 60 billion coffee capsules are used annually around the world. While some coffee capsules are labelled as compostable, the majority are constructed of numerous layers of material and contain plastics or aluminium, according to the report.

According to the company, coffee capsules on the UK market are frequently only industrially compostable and do not always reach specialist recycling centres. Gordon St Coffee says that its new Solinatra coffee capsules are the “first genuinely sustainable” coffee capsules available in the UK.

Coda Group, a biomaterials firm, first introduced the Solinatra substance earlier this year. Solinatra has been dubbed a “interesting innovation” for sustainable packaging because it appears to be suited for a wide range of uses, including coffee capsules.

The new capsules can be purchased at Gordon St Coffee’s roasteries in Glasgow and Edinburgh, as well as online through the company’s website. The capsules are sold in packs of ten for £5 and may also be ordered as a subscription.

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