New Iron Range Coffee Shop Helping to Support Mental Health Wellness

A cup of coffee is delicious at any time of day, especially as we approach the winter months. Customers keep coming back when you combine it with compassion and understanding.

“The coffee is good, but the pizza is much better,” said Grand Rapids resident Aaron Bialke.

It’s difficult to pick a favourite aspect of this one-stop shop on Virginia’s Main Street.

Veronica Lessard, a barista at Loonies Coffee Shop, said, “It’s good to come to a place where it’s calm, laid back, and you can be whoever you want, and there’s zero judgement.”

The menu at Loonies Coffee Shop includes more than simply coffee, breakfast, and lunch. Every purchase contributes to the promotion of mental health and well-being.

Lessard stated, “We want to establish a safe space where it’s normal to not be okay.”

The business debuted in January 2021, during a time when the COVID-19 pandemic was wreaking havoc on many local inhabitants’ mental health.

Lessard remarked, “I’m only 19 years old and I’ve never had a location where I felt comfortable sitting down, having coffee, and just talking to my friends.”

At Loonies, ten percent of profits go to mental health charities. The decision to donate, thereby assisting in the creation of a safe haven for individuals in need of assistance.

When you see a company open that is eager and open to talk about mental health, I definitely think it twists that negative mindset,” Lessard added.

Aside from donating money, the company also organises weekly support groups to help with mental health. These events are free and open to the public.

“It feels a lot better to give it to our community and individuals in need than to throw it away in some money pool where we have no idea where it is,” Lessard added.

“The more money we can maintain in the community, the better,” Bialke said.

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