The best coffee-making methods for students on a budget

A cup of coffee is considered a necessity by many students. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to obtain delicious caffeine cheaply and quickly. Even in a college dorm, it is possible to make your own coffee without breaking the bank.

Instant coffee is a tried-and-true method for brewing coffee on a budget. While it has a negative reputation – often for good reason – there are still some excellent options. Both Starbucks and Waka Coffee & Tea instant coffees are under $10 and highly rated. In addition, the 100-pack of Maxim Mocha Gold Mild Coffee Mix costs $22 and is rated five stars by customers. If you are in a hurry and need coffee immediately, instant coffee is a solid and affordable option.

The pour-over method is another method for preparing coffee at home. Pouring hot water over coffee grounds and draining it through a filter into a cup is required. Pour-over coffee requires only “a cheap plastic cone, a filter, and a way to boil water,” according to this article. This filter cone and paper filters are highly rated and cost less than ten dollars. Consider using this reusable stainless steel filter for a more eco-friendly option.

Those who enjoy iced coffee and have some spare time should consider preparing cold brew. This cold brew maker is reusable and requires only coffee grounds. In addition, these cold brew coffee bags are inexpensive and have positive ratings. Cold brew bags require only ground coffee and can be placed in any suitable container, making them incredibly versatile for brewing coffee.

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