Now you can roast coffee beans just before you drink

The Japanese word ans means “the answer.” The founders of the Israeli coffee-tech startup company believe they have the answer to the ultimate coffee question: Is it possible to create a viable and sustainable solution for coffee consumption?

According to the three founders, Matan Scharf, Yuval Weisglass, and Jonathan Scharf, the answer is affirmative.

They have developed a fully automatic micro-roaster that provides roasting on demand, just prior to the preparation of a cup of coffee. The countertop machine is equipped with artificial intelligence for a balanced and uniform roast, as well as real-time monitoring sensors.

Jonathan Scharf, the “coffee guy” at ans, founded the first espresso bar chain in Costa Rica and was a pioneer in the specialty coffee industry.

After returning to Israel, he established MAE, a coffee sourcing and importing company that serves as the backbone of a wholesale, retail, and online coffee business.

Then, he joined forces with his brother, Matan, the chief marketing officer, who had previously held senior management positions at multinational corporations including Check Point and Harman.

Weisglass, the third founder and chief executive officer, previously cofounded TowerSec, the world’s first cyber solutions company for automobiles, which Harman acquired in 2016.

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